A guide to vibrant hair while your stylist’s book is full

As the end of the year rolls around, it often seems like the world hits pause. In the midst of festive celebrations, quality time with loved ones, and much-needed breaks, services become a hot commodity with many being fully booked. This is especially true for stylists whose schedules are packed with holiday hair transformations. 

If you didn’t book in advance, what can you do? Here at Trios Aveda, we know how crazy December can get, and we’re here to ensure your hair health never falls by the wayside. 

Here are a few tips on how you can maintain your locks despite your favorite stylist being booked up:

Get a lil’ peace of mind and pre-book 

Give yourself something extra to look forward to this new year and pre-book a refresh session. With the end of the year being the busiest time for your stylist’s book, knowing the next time you’ll see them will put your hair concerns at ease. Not to mention, you’ll know exactly how long to keep up your maintenance routine. 

Don’t wash your color away 

The first step in keeping your hair in tip-top shape is ensuring you’re not stripping your strands of their color and moisture. Shampoos with harsh sulfates and chemicals damage your cuticle and throw off your strands’ PH (which should healthily linger around 5). Even if your color has grown out, maintaining what you have is essential to ensuring that your touchup goes as smoothly as possible. 

A tried and true cleanser that is sure to keep your hair out of harm’s way is Aveda’s color control shampoo. This sulfate cleanser-free shampoo gently cleans your hair without stripping it. A plant-powered formula helps reduce color fade by creating a hydrophobic layer while shampooing so that the water (which has a pH higher than hair) won’t contribute to the fade.

Avoid damage and prep

Not using heat on our locks isn’t an option for many of us. Whether it’s because it’s a part of your routine or you’re going to a special event, sometimes the tools are unavoidable. Don’t let the chaos get in your way of treating yourself right— make sure to protect your strands accordingly so that you and your stylist don’t have to make damage-based decisions. 

Avoid both natural and style-related heat damage with Aveda’s smooth infusion™ style-prep smoother™. This lightweight (and vegan) leave-in treatment protects hair from heat styling and the drying effects of the sun, all while keeping frizz out of the equation. 

R & R (rest & repair) 

While maintenance is crucial to keeping your hair in good shape, strengthening your strands can upgrade your look. Breakage is normal but why not minimize it the best that you can? Repairing damaged strands can make your stylist say “WOW” next time you’re in the chair. 

Aveda’s botanical repair™ strengthening overnight serum is here for you when it comes to split ends and dryness. This overnight intensive serum strengthens hair by building bonds, repairing your cuticle, and reducing the appearance of split ends—all while you sleep. 

Embrace the new year with confidence 

At Trios Aveda, we want you to walk into 2024 knowing exactly what you need to keep your hair looking fabulous. Get ready to impress your stylist at your next session and pre-book here. 

P.S. There are always last-minute cancellations, so if you’re really in a pinch, we might be able to make a holiday miracle happen – call us and see what we can do.