Express Color Services

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Your custom formula in just 30 minutes


just like it sounds, this is an all-over color


covers up the outgrowth


covers up the outgrowth and adds a gloss to the rest of the hair


this is a t-section that will cover your part and around your face


this is the top and sides section and around your face from the ears forward

What is this, you ask.

This is a salon and home experience. We apply your color in-salon, wrap it up in our special Trios head wraps and you wash the color out at home! Right now, people want to spend less time at the salon but are still interested in keeping their color maintained. We came up with an answer: Express Color services. Our express services can provide an option to still get a professional color with less time spent in the salon. 

Are you a candidate for an express service?

To receive these express services, it needs to be a tried-and-true formula that we have previously used on your hair—this helps ensure the results. It can be a solid color or a glossing treatment between a highlight appointment. Your stylist will know if this service will work for you.


How it works

At the Salon: Arrive to your appointment, receive your consultation with your stylist who will go over your Hair Express Kit which includes a Home Care Guide, and optional color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Your custom formula will be applied along with a custom head wrap. Checkout and we will set a timer on your cell phone for when you need to remove the color and send you on your way!

At Home: Wait for the color to process. When the timer dings, remove your color in the comfort of your own shower. 

Pricing + Details

Just like all our color services, final pricing depends on the amount of color used and the level of stylist you are seeing. You will be given a quote prior to starting. Your first visit will include a $30 charge for a specific head wrap that you will then bring to all your Express Color appointments. Depending on your frequency, you may also find that these express services save you money, while still delivering customized, consistent, professional color you can trust.