Gift Ideas for Mom (That Fit Every Budget & Personality)

No one’s got your back quite like your Mom does, which makes getting a thoughtful, exciting Mother’s Day gift a no-brainer. Except, well, what does she want, anyway? And how do you say “I love you and care about you deeply” with a gift? And why won’t she just give you a list already? And — oh geez — how do you afford it?

Let’s face it—even when your intentions are true and good, the art of gift giving does not come naturally to all. That’s why we’re here with a Mother’s Day Gift Guide guaranteed to make both of you happy.


Your Mom drives a Prius, worships at the altar of organic, and would rather be hiking.

Save: This reusable Aveda tote bag will fit right in her glove compartment—and at just $7, right in your budget, too. Print off a Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 guide, further aiding and abetting her grocery store adventures while simultaneously proving that you’ve been reading all those pesticide articles she sends you.


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Splurge: She’ll love the Shampure candle when she hears that:

  1. It’s made from soy instead of paraffin. Paraffin candles are made from petroleum oil, a nonrenewable resource that increases the CO2 levels in the atmosphere when burned.
  2. It’s scented with 25 pure flower and plant essences, including certified organic lavender and ylang ylang.
  3. It’s contained in a holder made of 95% recycled glass.

Deliver with a Chakra 1 (the chakra closest to the earth, where we ground ourselves) Balancing Body Mist and a certificate of donation to a cause you know she cares about.

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Your Mom barely sits down, tends to run five minutes late, and generates enough anxiety to power small kitchen appliances.

Save: Stress-Fix Concentrate is the physical embodiment of the way you feel when you leave a yoga class. Print out a mini Aveda ritual to accompany it so that she can carry a little bit of zen with her wherever she goes.

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Splurge: Sometimes, the best way to get Mom to take time for herself is to provide her with the proper incentive. Treat her to a massage via gift card—and add on some Stress-Fix goodies to help her recreate the experience back home.

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Your Mom prefers slippers to stilettos, is a master of the snuggly heart-to-heart, and loves nothing more than curling up on the couch with a cashmere throw and a glass of vino.

Save: With soothing peppermint and licorice root, Aveda Comforting Tea is like coziness in a cup. It tastes best with a side of great literature, so we recommend gifting a book. It can be a new one, but we have a feeling your Mom will love it even more if it’s one you already have that made you think of her. 

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Splurge: It’s easy to take a bath—but it takes a special touch to make a bath. Our personal tub time trifecta includes a Caribbean Therapy candle to kick-start the relaxation, Stress-Fix soaking salts to soothe and exfoliate, and Beautifying Composition to seal in moisture once things start getting pruny.

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Your Mom has more social commitments than you, is practically a professional primper, and can talk to a brick wall and learn something about it.

Save: Your Mom knows better than most that the right shade of lipstick can take a day—or a night—from blah to buzzing. Print out a cute drink recipe online or create one yourself (if you’ve got the technological savvy). We love the idea of sticking it in an inexpensive frame, if time and budget allow. Voila—it’s the makings of a great night in one small package!

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Splurge: Ideally, you’d be able to gift your mom with a standing Friday appointment for a blow-dry, but that’s probably not in the cards. Why not give her the next best thing: a gift certificate for one, plus the ability to recreate it for herself?

Create your own blow-dry kit with travel-sized versions of Aveda’s best blowout products. We recommend our favorite standbys from the the Smooth Infusion line (we’re talking shampoo, conditioner, Style-Prep Smoother, and Naturally Straight), with some Stress-Fix thrown in for good measure. For a personal touch, deliver with a Spotify playlist she can listen to while getting ready—or nibbling on h’ors d’oeuvres with friends. 

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