BREAK UP WITH BAD BLOWOUTS: How to Find One That Lasts

BREAK UP WITH BAD BLOWOUTS: How to Find One That Lasts

We all love a good blowout, but we all agree there’s one major problem with them: they don’t last. The strenuous, slightly sweaty moments in front of the mirror when your arm is aching and awkwardly suspended behind your head just don’t feel worth it when you’re still staring down a frizzy, shapeless mane by day’s end.

Mastering the perfect blowout isn’t easy. For one thing, it’s different for everyone. It takes hard work, wrong turns, and sacrificed product. But like all matters of the heart, it’s worth it. Read on for our top tips for finding The One.



There’s a reason we describe humid weather as “steamy,” and steam is frizz’s best friend. Don’t perform your blow-dry ritual in your muggy bathroom. Try your bedroom instead. Post-shower humidity could sabotage your blowout before it even has a chance.


Professional-grade dryers cost a pretty penny, but they’re worth every one. Would you skimp on dry cleaning a gorgeous silk top? Look for professional models, which have a turbo motor (to dry hair faster) and run on 1,800+ watts (to minimize damage). Most drugstore dryers produce a high heat but low power, so you’re really just prolonging the time your hair is exposed to damaging temperatures.


It’s true! The drier your hair is before you start blow-drying, the better. In an ideal world, you would wake up in a fluffy bed, shower, and have massive amounts of leisure time during which you sip coffee and read the newspaper while your hair slowly reaches the golden 80% dry point. However, if your mornings instead find you frantically waving a blowdryer over sopping wet hair before spilling coffee all over your white jeans on the way out the door — then air-drying is not an option. So do this: Towel dry first—squeeze, don’t rub, the excess water out of your hair. Use your dryer on a cool setting to get your hair to about 60 percent dry Then apply your first product: the all-important heat protectant.



No matter how tempting it might be on rushed mornings, never skip heat protectant. Aveda has versions of its Style Prep products for virtually every hair type, and they all guard your hair from damaging heat. For a traditional sleek and shiny blowout, use Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother, which uses aloe and guar bean to create a smooth surface on hair. It defends against humidity for up to 12 hours. For color-treated hair, opt for Color Conserve Daily Color Protect, which contains UV filters to prolong your color and your blowout. Apply the heat protectant of your choice, and dry your hair to that 80 percent sweet spot. Then it’s time for your styling product.


Too much product can ruin even a beautifully executed blowout. Remember you can always add more, but it’s tough to take it away. Stick with one or two additional styling products, depending on your hair’s texture and thickness. (Check our recommendations at the end of the blog post.)



Your hair won’t hold a style until it reaches that crucial 80 percent threshold. That means if you’re using a round brush right out of the gate, you’re probably wasting your time — and inflicting frizz and damage. Start the styling process by gently tousling your hair with your hands as you move the dryer across it. For salon-quality lift, spritz Aveda Volumizing Tonic at the roots and direct the airflow there.



You know that nozzle that came with your dryer, the one you abandoned under your bathroom sink? Go dig it out. The attachment concentrates the heat so it’s more effective and creates a sleeker finish. Section off your hair and then work from the front to back, section by section, pulling hair taut with your brush as you follow with the nozzle. Always point the nozzle toward the ends of your hair — this will smooth the cuticle, instead of aggravating it. Try watching an expert in action to get a feel for proper technique. This Allen Ruiz tutorial is what sleek, voluptuous blowout dreams are made of.



Finish with a blast of cool air from your dryer’s cool setting to lock things in place. (Warm hair is still susceptible to setting.) Then finish: If you’re gunning for volume, spritz with a light-hold hair spray like the unbeatable Aveda Air Control. If your hair is thick and unruly, try a dollop of Aveda Smooth Infusion Styling Crème to add moisture and fight frizz. On all hair types, a few drops of Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil works wonders for tattered ends.


Above all, don’t lose faith. With a little practice, everyone can master the art of the blowout. And as our grandmothers would say, there’s a lid for every pot. We’re certain she was talking about hair.


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