Beauty Do’s and Don’ts During Stay-at-Home

Here at Trios Salon in Fort Collins, we are currently not performing any services in-salon or in-home out of care for our community, guests, and team members, and to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. But as we all ride out the pandemic, we know you’re probably wondering about your beauty routine—what can you do about your hair color, your bangs, and favorite Aveda products? We’ve got your back with all the details you need to keep your look fresh during quarantine. Read on for details!


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We know, we know. It’s so tempting! As the days go by and your roots start coming in, you’re probably thinking about box color and wondering, “How bad could it be?” But trust us when we say, it is not worth it. It is a seemingly quick fix, but the sad reality is that box color uses harsh chemicals that cause more harm than good, and it is highly likely to lead to an expensive and time-consuming color correction.

When you get color done with us, our stylists get to completely customize your color. They love to ask questions, look at photos with you of the colors and textures that you like, and study the tone of your existing color so that they can create that perfect match just for you. They strive to continually grow and develop their skills through practice and education every year so that they can always offer you their very best.

Box color uses the same formula and instructions regardless of the current state and needs of your hair, which unfortunately means that the results vary wildly—thus the end result is not what you expected at all after seeing the picture on the front of the box. When we have a client come in who has used box color on their hair, we often will see either really splotchy and uneven color (from not enough dye) or extremely damaged and dry locks (from too much dye).

It is our heart’s desire that you are happy with your hair and we want to help you set down the scissors and box dyes so that it doesn’t set back all of your commitment and hard work. Whether you’ve been trying to grow your hair out, maintain your roots, or sprinkle in highlights throughout the year, we support you and don’t want you to have to start all over!

Maybe you are reading this and it’s already too late. We are here to say that we are, and will be here for you when we are able to reopen our doors for services again! We understand that it is a strange time in the world and that most of us have never anticipated not being able to do anything to our hair for several weeks. When this time passes, we will all be learning how to return to our routines together.

We just want you to know that if you are going to, or have used box color, it may take many sessions over the course of several months to reverse the damage that has been done to your hair. Our stylists love their clients and will find a time to consult with you to come up with a game plan for how to get it back to where you want it.

Okay, so we have thrown around the term color correction a few times, but what exactly is it? A color correction has two goals: to repair the damage done to the hair by the chemicals in the box color, and to fix the actual color itself by repeatedly cleansing the stain out of the hair using professional methods. Repairing damage might be a long journey requiring specific treatments designed to restore your hair’s health and integrity—because underneath that color that you love, is quite a bit of damaged and unhealthy hair. We want to restore your hair’s health so that you are able to style, color, and wear it without causing more damage while it’s in a fragile state.

The best way to avoid the long journey and cost of color correction is to sit back, take a deep breath, and let yourself accept that your roots are visible. We know it feels vulnerable to not be in control and that your routine has been taken from you in a moment’s notice. Remember that you are not the only one that has roots peeking through right now and that we are each our own worst critic. You may feel like someone is looking directly at that outgrowth when in reality, they are probably distracted thinking about you looking at theirs.

If you’re up to it, take this time to experiment with a different look. Part your hair on a different side, try a different updo, or try a different way of styling it! Throw in an accessory like a hat, headband, ribbon, sunglasses, or beanie while your roots continue to grow out. This will not be forever! 


We know it’s tempting, and that YouTube video said it was easy, and maybe you’ve had a few beverages that are giving you a sense of bravery. But trust us—bangs are not the answer to your quarantine woes. When you’re able to get back in the chair, our professionals can give you some bangin’ fringe!


Our frontline team is working very hard to communicate with all of our guests and we know that many people are waiting patiently to set up their future appointments. In the meantime, curbside pickup is available as well as ordering product online! This is extremely helpful during this time, as we are a small business and have been so blessed by the local support of our community. If you would prefer to stay home and get your favorite products delivered straight to your door (and get free shipping) you can purchase them here:


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Another way you can support us is by purchasing a gift card for your next appointment. And if you know someone who could use some extra TLC after this quarantine, (We’re looking at you, moms!) a gift card for a relaxing and rejuvenating service of their choice with us will be a bright spot on their socially-distant calendar. You can buy gift cards online here:


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This is an uncertain time to be a small business, and we’re so grateful to our amazing Fort Collins community for supporting us now and always. Here are some other ways you can support us right now:

  • Buy a t-shirt to support our fundraising efforts—proceeds go directly to our team to hold them over. Be sure to select Trios Salon at checkout. Buy here:
  • Visit our social media pages, like and save your favorite styles for your post-quarantine appointments.
  • Leave that review you’ve been meaning to write—positive reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook help us get new business.
  • Tag us in your social media pictures and show us your roots. Your stylist will love to know that you’re thinking of them and that you AREN’T using box color.

We miss you and we can’t wait to get back in the salon doing what we love for the community we love. Stay safe and healthy, and we’ll see you soon.

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