9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Month (By Doing Things You Already Want To Do)

Want to step up your eco-friendly game — and come down a size or two in your carbon footprint this Earth Month? Here are some easy tips to green up for April and beyond — and we do mean easy. Most of the following won’t exactly require arm twisting.

Take A Bath. We all know shorter showers are better for the Earth (and our utility bills) but when a long, hot shower is a beloved relaxation ritual, ditching it can prove very difficult. The solution? Consider a bath. If your shower is longer than 10 minutes, you’ll actually use less water if you sink into the tub.

Glam Up & Give Back. Join us next Monday, April 13 to help the planet by treating yourself to a massage, haircut, nail care, or facial. All service fees and tips will go to Western Resource Advocates. Look good, feel great and help the planet — it’s a win-win.

Beat Rush Hour Traffic. It’s hardly a secret that swapping your car for a bike whenever possible is good for the earth and your heart. But there are all kinds of additional benefits — like inhaling less exhaust than you would in your car, never worrying about parking, and zipping through endless lines of traffic. You’ll also have more money to spend on things that make you happier than gasoline (like a night on the town or a killer pair of heels).

Put Off Your Chores. It may seem like a small thing, but timing is everything when it comes to water-utilizing appliances. When running a washer (for dishes or clothes), hit the start button only when you have a full load. Over time, this helps conserve significant amounts of water. Unless your clothes are exceptionally dirty, you should be able to wash them with cold water (besides, hot water is often hard on colors and fabrics). Your clothes, and your utility bill, will reflect this smart choice.

Shop With A Purpose. More and more lust-worthy labels are jumping on board the eco-friendly train. Check out some of our favorite brands designing with the environment in mind, and keep in mind these important questions to ask yourself while shopping.

Go For The Gift Basket. A $5 ticket earns you an entry in our Aveda Gift Basket raffle and goes straight toward helping WRA. The basket is overflowing with $300 worth of Aveda’s enduring favorites like Shampure™, as well as new launches you may not have tried — such as the luxe Beautifying Creme Cleansing Oil and the über-replenishing Hand Relief™ Night Renewal Serum. Oh, and if you buy five tickets, you get a free Aveda Earth Month Water Bottle. (You know, to help save the environment year-round.)


Hit The Snooze Button. Consider this permission to skip your morning shower and earn some extra shut-eye. Taking one less 10-minute shower per week can save almost 10,000 gallons of water in a year. Bonus: Your hair and skin will thank you, too.

Light A Candle. Aveda’s Light the Way candle is back for 2015, bringing its rich, spicy vanilla and yang ylang scent and life-changing capabilities. Purchasing just one $12 candle can help provide clean water for a full year for a person living in Madagascar, whose residents benefit from Aveda Earth Month-funded clean water projects.


Eat Pizza. Or pasta, or stir-fry, or grilled-cheese sandwiches — as long as they don’t include meat. Going meat-free even once a week can have a seriously beneficial impact on the environment. In fact, if your family of four skips the steak dinner once a week for a year, it has the equivalent effect of taking your car off the road for three months.

Keep in mind that when you repeat an action often enough, it becomes a habit. By adopting greener habits, you help to create a healthier planet — and usually a healthier and happier you.

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