There are so many things to love about winter — even when you get an abundance (dare we say excess?) of it, as we do in Fort Collins. From fresh snow to cable knits to cozying up by the fire, we’d be lying if we said this time of year didn’t hold a special place in our hearts. One thing we can’t stand? What it does to our hair. Come January, we start to see a lot of dull, dry tresses. But there’s more than a little bit that you can do to combat that. Read on for our top tips.


Swap out your conditioner.

Protein-depositing conditioners can do wonders when it comes to fortifying your hair, but they can also lead to that hard, inelastic feeling that’s not very run-your-fingers-through-it friendly. We recommend alternating between a protein-based conditioner and something more softening. Try Dry Remedy Moisturizing Conditioner or Smooth Infusion Conditioner, both of which are heavy on the nourishing ingredients.


Introduce a masque to your regimen.

Between the harsh sun on the slopes and the stress caused by indoor heating, your hair can use some extra TLC come wintertime. Make a weekly appointment with a hair masque to provide some intensive conditioning. We love Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque, which hydrates with Brazilian buriti oil. Skiers and outdoor enthusiasts should consider Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque — sun can be just as strong on the slopes as it is on the beach.


Invest in a humidifier.

One major drawback of indoor heating? It seriously dries out the air in your home. A humidifier will pump the moisture back in, ensuring both your hair and your skin don’t reach chronic levels of dehydration.


Switch up your styling products.

If you’re using gel or spray products to encourage good hair behavior, consider switching to a cream. Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Crème contains nourishing ingredients like certified organic cupacu and shea butters. It works whether you blow dry or air dry (skipping heat styling = healthy-hair friendly).


Wash less.

Daily shampooer? ‘Tis the season to rethink that practice. Even the gentlest of shampoos are designed to clean, first and foremost — which means stripping your hair of its natural oils. Skip washing your hair every other shower and refresh in-between with Shampure Dry Shampoo. You can also consider switching to a cleansing conditioner like Be Curly Co-Wash (worth a try even if you don’t have curly hair).


Update your color.

It’s no secret that color can be hard on your hair — particularly when you’re going lighter. Consider a low-maintenance look that won’t require much updating throughout the season, like a subtle ombré or some well-placed lowlights (to minimize regrowth).


Work one or more of these cold-weather beauty practices into your regimen and you’ll have one more reason to love the winter months!




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