Joe DeAnda

Owner / Manager

What is your favorite part about owning and managing a salon?
“As a manager, I love seeing our employees work as a team and being part of an organization that flows with everyone having a part of the company’s success.”

What part of the Trios mission speaks to me the most and why?
“I admire how friendly our staff is with our customers and with each other. We set the bar for our employees pretty high as far as expectations and professionalism. I believe this is why our employees stick around for years, because of the customer service we not only give to our guests but also the respect we give to each other as co-workers.”



Karen Boschen DeAnda

Level 5 – Stylist / Facial Waxing / Owner

What is your specialty as a hairstylist?
“One of my specialties is listening to guests and making a plan of action that gives them what they want. I love connecting cut and color together, and helping my clients feel and look good!”

What part of the Trios mission speaks to me the most and why?
“My favorite part of the Trios Mission is ‘outstanding customer service.’ I love that we give more than a haircut or color. We give our guests an experience. It is a great honor to help people feel refreshed from the inside out, and to be able to take home products that will make their hair, skin and body be the best it can be.”


Stefani Timmermeyer

Level 5 – Stylist / Makeup / Facial Waxing

Meet Stephanie!

Stephanie has been doing hair since 2005 and cares deeply about giving back to others and the earth. She strives to be an oasis for each and every guest. Color melting, blondes, and curly hair are just a few of her favorites, but enjoys any project her clients bring. Her kind words and elegant touch leaves customers pleased as they exit her chair. Stephanie values her marriage and spending time with her husband. They both enjoy the great food around town, paddle boarding on the reservoir, and pampering themselves to a glass of red wine.

Stacey Tomjack

Level 5 – Stylist / Facial Waxing

What is your favorite thing to do as a hairstylist?
“One of my favorite things is to create custom color for each individual guest no matter how natural or bold it is.”

What part of the Trios mission speaks to me the most and why?
“My favorite part of the Trios mission is ‘to give a few stolen moments.’ To be able to give someone great hair while they relax is amazing.”


Lindsey Brown

Level 5 – Stylist

Meet Lindsey!

Lindsey was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado, and while she loves the mountains and variety of local restaurants, her favorite place to vacation is anywhere with an ocean. Starting with Trios in 2006, she enjoys foil work with highlights and haircuts. Lindsey incorporates her loyalty to her customers with her positive and kind attitude. In her down time, she enjoys running, hitting the gym, or having a dance party with her kids. Her experience with cosmetology has grown over the years, and shows a true passion it.


Danae Williford

Level 4 – Stylist

Meet Danae!

Must like her hometown of Spearfish, South Dakota, the weather and ability to go hiking brings great joy to Danae. As happy and easy going as she is, the high quality work she achieves of all hair types is astonishing. Danae understands customer service and does an outstanding job with whatever task given. Spending quality time her husband and family allows their free time to consist of antiquing and flipping furniture, all while snacking on fruit snacks and iced tea. Danae wants to see you for your next color or cut!


Diana Verhaalen

Level 4 – Stylist / Makeup / Facial waxing

Meet Diana!

Moving from Texas in 2012, Diana moved to Fort Collins because of the active community we uphold. She enjoys running around town and in the mountains, indulging into a good read, and doing anything active outside. Having infinite wisdom would be her ideal super power to have a better understanding of all aspects of life. Treating herself to a happy helping of chocolate cake and a glass of red wine rejuvenates her radiant smile. While we love her company here, she is constantly thinking of her place to travel to, Germany.


Ali Sherman

Level 4 – Stylist / Makeup

Meet Ali!

Moving just a few hours away from her hometown of Craig, Colorado, Ali found her home at Trios in 2012. Doing hair and makeup for friends in theatre during high school encouraged her to turn her creative and versatile talent into a career. Specializing in pixie cuts and fashion colors, her clients love the bold originality of their new hairdos. Using AVEDA’s naturally derived product line, Ali is highly aware of giving back to the environment. Devoting her free time to her parents and brother, she keeps those who she values most close. Visit Ali next time you are ready for a daring, drastic change. “We’re in it to win it!”


Jasmine Williams

Level 3 – Stylist

What is your specialty as a hairstylist?
“One of my specialties is blowouts and styling hair.”

What part of the Trios mission speaks to me the most and why?
“My favorite part of the Trios mission is ‘a few stolen moments.’ It is like making a promise to yourself every 4-6 weeks that you are going to take the time for yourself to recharge.”


Lisa Steinmark

Level 3 – Stylist

Meet Lisa!

Lisa is an inspiring technician who loves connecting with people to give a few stolen moments. Being her dance with Trios in 2013, she appreciates all hair types of her clients, including fine, curly, and long hair. Lisa enjoys long walks with her husband while they workout in the mountain scenery of their hometown. Practicing calligraphy is an enjoyable past time of hers, as well as snacking on yogurt and granola, and sipping hot chocolate. Her desire to learn more and to do more fuels her motivation at the salon in her all black attire.


Faith Sindt

Level 3 – Stylist

Meet Faith!

Faith is a funny, outgoing, and animated technician who loves fruit roll ups, watching The Office, and traveling to Nebraska. Her love for making people smile carried her into the cosmetology world in 2014 and found her favorites to include preforming balayge, updo’s, and working with clients who have finer hair. Faith’s super power would embrace multiple hands to work with more hair! Most importantly, she values her faith and enjoys teaching those same values to her baby girl, Charlie. The weather in her home state of Colorado is too good to not spend time in the outdoors with her family and pup, Gordy. “Life is too short to be ugly.”


Theresa Oschner

Level 3 – Stylist

Meet Theresa!

Growing up with 3 sisters and practicing doing their hair, Theresa became a cosmetologist in 2014. She is keen on highlighting hair and cutting any hair types. No pets are included in her family, however, her 2 boys keep her on her toes as if they were. Being a devoted mother is a full time job outside of work, yet she carries those same qualities into the salon and to each of our employees. Her dream vacation would be returning to Mexico, sipping on a strawberry margarita on the beach. And don’t forget the chips and salsa!


Hannah Perkins

Level 2 – Stylist

Meet Hannah!

Art and connecting with people has always been significant for Hannah. She started her dance with Trios in 2015 and delights in performing short women’s cuts, red hair color, and A-line hair styles. The organic and natural ingredients AVEDA uses and where they come from are important to Hannah. Relocating from Boulder, she loves escaping reality and traveling to Horsetooth Reservoir and the Poudre Canyon. The power to heal and please everyone is a true moral, especially when it comes to her family and friends. Whether you have fine hair, curly hair, or short hair, Hannah’s kindness and talent will put a smile on your face.


Naomi Morton

Level 2 – Stylist / Makeup

Meet Naomi!

Naomi is a passionate and easy going hair stylist who cares for her clients on a personal level, not just their hair. Starting her cosmetology career in 2015, she has developed a transformable technique with balayage and highlighting. Her time outside is spent biking near the mountains, and enjoying tasteful beer in the sunshine. Originally from Windsor, she is avid about the close relationships she has formed with family and close friends and makes sure to connect with them on a daily basis. Come see Naomi and watch her creativity come to life!


Christina Piz

Level 1 – Stylist

Meet Christina!

Coming from a long line of family members in the beauty industry, Christina began her journey with Trios is 2016. While serving from the heart, she is adamant about bringing happiness to her clients from the moment they sit down till the time they leave. Christina’s personality is strongly influenced by her motivation to heal people and enjoys the company of genuine clients. Her favorite nights are spent in Old Town, followed by eating peanut M’Ms and watching The Office with her cat and black lab at home.


Sammy Schoonover

Level 1 – Stylist

Meet Sammy!

Native to Fort Collins, Sammy is a sarcastic but passionate hairstylist. She genuinely cares about her clients, coworkers, and career and adores any hair type to sit down in her chair. Down time for Sammy consists of playing with her dog, Henry, and guinea pig, Ruger. After a long day, winding down and watching SpongeBob declutters her mind to refresh for what the next day brings. “Life is far greater to enjoy if you spend it smiling.” Sammy always pushes for above and beyond the standard, you will leave salon with more satisfaction then when you walked in.


Brittanie Bae

Level 1 – Stylist

Meet Brittanie!

After moving around for much of her life, she has found herself here in Fort Collins for the past two years. Her favorite thing about living here is the culture. On her days off you can catch her reading, hiking or finding a cozy spot to browse Pinterest. Brittanie has been with Trios since 2016 and she enjoys doing highlights and short haircuts. Her kindness shows in how much she cares for her family, friends, and her 2 dogs: Ella the Golden Retriever and Ally the Boxer. Her favorite place to vacation is anywhere with a beach. If you come to see Brittanie she will have a coffee in hand as she greets you with her bubbly personality!



Brianna Williams

Massage Therapist

Meet Bri!

Our soothing, sweet massage therapist has been with Trios since 2012 and has endless compassion for the world and others. Leave problems and worry at the door, lay back, and feel her magic begin. Easy instruction eases the mind as you escape reality and enter a meditative state. Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Bri has lived in Colorado since 1998. Her passion for the world encourages her hobbies of yoga and snowboarding. She also adores evening walks with her husband and pup, Roscoe. Relax with Bri inside the spa, or on her off hours with a Moscow Mule!


Danielle Keegan

Skin Care Specialist – Facials / Waxing (not a certified esthetician)

Meet Danielle!

Book your next facial or wax service with our spectacular skin care specialist. A day without laughter is a day wasted in her blissful life. An occupation where people looked forward to seeing her pushed her to become an esthetician. She also loves helping the nail department with pedicures. Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, Danielle loves to paint, tend to her garden, and prepare delicious meals for her family and friends. In August of 2016 she joined our team with the determination to heal and uplift each and every one of her clients. We greatly admire the hard work she provides, not only during her treatments, but throughout the entire day.


Amber Bertolette

Nail Technician

Meet Amber!

Our personable and compassionate nail technician has loved the art of nail care since she can remember. She makes every effort to be known for her style and quality. Her career at Trios began in 2009 and has mastered our manicure and pedicure services. Her favorite holiday is Mother’s Day, but enjoys each and every day with her family. Traveling is a desired hobby of theirs, Jamaica, Mexico being their ideal destination. Amber is proud to call Colorado her home and enjoys the friendly people within the community.


Lauren Andrade

Nail Technician

Meet Lauren!

Sit down in our relaxing massage chair while receiving your next manicure or pedicure. Our simply sweet and sophisticated nail technician gives all of her customers a soothing arm or leg massage while you ease out of your everyday routine and transition into your escape from reality while delighting in AVEDA’s Comforting Tea™. If Lauren was blessed with a super power, she might specialize in cat whispering. However, her humble personality and soft spoken demeanor resembles a cat’s behavior. She loves riding her bike in spare time and destressing with a glass of red wine at the end of her night. Come get your pretty nails and toes painted with Lauren!



Vanessa Cushnie

Guest Care

Meet Vanessa!

Since September of 2015, our guest care manager has served Trios with a happy and helpful smile. She strives to offer a few stolen moments for each guest while providing unconditional kindness with every word. After moving from Kailua-Kona in 2009, Fort Collins captured Vanessa’s heart with the beautiful scenery as well as the many tasteful breweries, distilleries, and wineries. She values her quality time spent with family and friends, especially on the holidays when she is able to fly back to the islands of Hawai’i. Although Vanessa is far from home, we provide the family style culture that she appreciates. “Take one step at a time, and enjoy the journey of life.”


MacKenzie McCauley

Guest Care

Meet MacKenzie!

Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, MacKenzie offers a tender touch to our close family. Her leadership skills exceled her position to guest care’s manager. To relieve stress, she enjoys hiking with her husband and receiving massages from Bri. The majestic mountains kept her close to home, however, she is willing to travel anywhere and everywhere. Valuing her servant’s heart, MacKenzie’s kind and caring persona reaches everyone as they walk through our big red doors.


Sofie Carlson

Guest Care

Meet Sofie!

This spunky, adventurous guest care specialist moved from Brainerd, Minnesota in August of 2016. Her love for biking is accompanied by the many mountain trails so closely available. Time spent with close family and friends is cherished in her life. Sipping on kombucha tea behind the front desk, Trios recognizes her authenticity with any given task. She strives to stay true to the AVEDA mission statement by caring for the world we live in. Favorite hobbies include: making music, eating food, biking, riding horses, and watching Breaking Bad. Catch Sofie’s Midwestern accent while scheduling your next service!


Brittany Oldham

Guest Care

Meet Brittany!

If freezing time was a possibility, Brittany would capture the moment with her cheerful, caring, and comforting personality. The close proximity to the mountains allows her to express herself and relieve stress through working out outdoors. A few of her favorites comprise of cold brew coffee, sour gummy worms, any destination with a beach, and spending Christmas with her family. Book your next appointment with our newest guest care specialist!